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FORM, WEED, AERATE, with your cultivator

Early season, the "bio-butteur" can form
mounds after soil preparation (plowing, milling).

Rotating "Bio-butteur" aerates and loosens soil.

Throughout the season, it allows easy maintenance
weeding between rows and on the sides of hills,
such manual hoeing.

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( "Bio-Butteur" is protected by patent)

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A Pro is invited in your garden ...

Ridging hoe for potatoes for your garden. "Bio-butteur" discs are ideal for ridging of potatoes
This new ridging of potatoes, fits on your motor hoe instead of cutters on your motor hoe.
The "Bio-butteur" disks are used in all types of land and butter your potatoes with ease.
The Ridging hoe for potatoes - Bio butteur - hoeing and weeding your ranks.