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FORM, WEED, AERATE, with your cultivator

The Bio-butteur rotary, unlike his ancestor bases trailed, does not smooth the mound.
The land is projected to end up and form the mound, we obtain a loosening of hollow grooves and on the sides of hills. Width between rows 600 mm minimum.
Width ranges between 600 mm with Ø260.
Width ranges between 700 mm with Ø330.

Formage du terrain par les disques BIO-BUTTEUR
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A Pro is invited in your garden ...

Whatever the type of soil, your garden will be bumped very homogeneously..

After your motor hoe equipped with "bio-butteur",
you still have to take control of your motor hoe for realize the beautiful hills that welcome your plantings.
The hump forms on each side of the motor hoe into two halves mound (s).
When passing the tiller in the second row while the hump is fully formed.
The plantations can now be put in place in the hollow made in the top of hill.
This dip advantageously used to retain water during irrigation.