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FORM, WEED, AERATE, with your cultivator

The "bio-butteur" not only allows the formation of mounds but advantageously used to perform weed control easier without damaging the vegetables and remove any chemical treatment between furrows.
This tool, for its simplicity and fast passages allows regular and effective hoeing.

Binage, Désherbage et Aération du terrain dans les creux de sillons et sur les flancs de butte
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A Pro is invited in your garden ...

The bio-butteur will take care of your garden and you facilitate the work of weeding.
The bio-butteur makes a hoe in your garden effectively.

Hoeing, a step in the ecological culture of your garden is done effortlessly with your bio-butteur.

Your motor hoe equipped with bio-butteur will make hoeing
hollows and furrows flanks of the mounds of your garden while respecting the vegetables present.

Hoeing realized then bring your garden two important points:
- Weeds decompose are exellent amendment to your soil.
- Hoeing will allow your soil to better absorb the rains of the season.

1 Hoeing = 2 waterings