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FORM, WEED, AERATE, with your cultivator

A Pro is invited in your garden ...

Ridging hoe for potatoes - Whith your BIO BUTTEUR - ridge your potatoes .
With your BIO BUTTEUR over chemical treatment on your garden.
A new way of working for the ecology, living green is now possible and easy.
You will live in an organic garden where chemical treatments will be abolished.
Your motor hoe you used in your garden, the preparation (April) to create hump(s),
at the end of the harvest of vegetables (late October) with the maintained by hoeing(s) who will carry out a weed.

Bio Butteur is a rotating disc set that mounts on your motor hoe to create the mound(s)
Nothing is easier than to equip your motor hoe ! Remove strawberries from your tiller
and put in place new cate easily scorers on the axes of the motor hoe.
Use it in your garden as aridging for salads, ridging of tomato plants, ridging of green beans
, ridging of carrots, ridging of potatoes.